Executive Director’s Corner

Dear MANS Member Schools, Staff, Colleagues, and Friends:

The Michigan State Police recently announced the recipients of the 2016-17 School Safety Grants. Almost 50% of the recipients  were MANS member schools, receiving a combined $522,915.00, 27% of the total grant. The money will be used to improve  school safety. Congratulations to this year’s Michigan State Police Competitive School Safety Grant Awardees. MANS will advocate for another round of school safety grants in this year’s budget cycle. Click here to see the list of recipients.

Also, we are pleased to announce two new staff members have joined us at MANS.  Shelley Long began in December as the MANS Administrative Assistant. Molly Koll joined us on February 1st as the MANS Program Associate.  We have designed this new position to help us meet the growing needs of MANS members.  As always we welcome your input into how MANS can best deliver high quality services to its members.  We are only a phone call or an email away!


Brian Broderick
MANS Executive Director